Back Pain Therapy in Land O Lakes, FL

If your back has been bothering you, an appointment with a chiropractor who offers Land O' Lakes, FL, back pain therapy may just be what you need to start feeling better again. The team at Land O' Lakes Chiropractic is equipped to offer a variety of therapies intended to reduce pain and improve flexibility, and we’re currently accepting new clients of all ages.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff takes pride in welcoming clients to our relaxed, modern facility where we provide personalized therapy treatments that take into account each patient’s body type and physical conditioning. We target our services to only the areas of the body that are hurting and also offer therapies focused on the unique needs of:

  • Children
  • Expectant mothers
  • Accident victims
  • Sports injury sufferers

Keep Land O' Lakes Chiropractic in mind and contact us when you’re ready to set up an appointment for Land O' Lakes, FL, back pain therapy for yourself, your spouse, or your child. We’ll gladly explain our services in detail and tell you how to prepare for your first treatment visit when you call.


Dr. Leslie Horne